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Personally Identifiable Information

No personally identifiable information of any child appears on our website. We show pictures of some children unless the parents disagree, but we will not associate the picture with a child's name. We might mention a child by a first name but never by a combination of first and last names. We will not publish email addresses, addresses or telephone numbers of children.

If you have any issues or problems with any aspect of this privacy policy please contact the website manager at stephen@davyanddavy.co.uk or anyone on our Contacts page.


If your browser settings allow it, this website uses cookies.  These are explained below.  You should note that if you set your browser to disallow first party cookies then certain functions will not work as intended.  The information stored in cookies does not identify you personally.


Session Cookie

This website places a "session" cookie on your computer or whatever device you are using to view the site. This cookie holds a session identifier, a string of letters and numbers, that is used by our website to maintain continuity as you browse between the different pages. Session cookies are destroyed when you close your browser. This session identifier is used to "maintain state" across the website for these purposes:

  • The website uses a content management system for site maintenance which requires administrators to log on.  The session identifier is used to maintain that log in state across the pages that the administrator visits.  We consider this to be "strictly necessary" under the meaning of the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, as amended 2011.
  • This website uses a "fluid" page layout and adjusts the page layout to suit your browser width setting. Once done, this information is remembered between pages which reduces the time taken to reformat subsequent pages and reduces the visual disturbances between pages.  This is intended to make your visit a better experience and since no extra cookie is used and there are no privacy implications, we consider that we do not need to take any particular action for this purpose.
  • This website uses a first party website statistics gathering tool outlined below.


Website Analytics Tools

Our pages on this website use two third party agents, Google Analytics and StatCounter, to collect basic information about your Internet browser, and to recognise and count visitors as they browse the site. This helps us form and improve the way our website works to suit our regular visitors. Included in this information is the IP address of your Internet connection and this might be used to identify your country and other location details. The location information, although not always accurate, helps us to further understand the needs of our website visitors.

Google Analytics uses four "first party" cookies - one session cookie and three "persistent" cookies - to carry out this task. Unlike the session cookie, which is destroyed when you close your browser, the "persistent" cookie is stored on your hard drive, or in some other nonvolatile memory, and remains there for a period of time unless you delete it. Persistent cookies are used to record multiple visits. First party cookies can only be retrieved when you visit our website and not any other website. We don't see the IP address that Google Analytics collects, just the associated information. Our Google Analytics account has data sharing settings that don't allow Google to share the data with anyone else. You can read more about Google Analytics, including a tool to let you opt out of all Google Analytics data collection, on their Policies and PrinciplesLink opens in a new window web page.

We mention that we also use StatCounter for analytical purposes but we have configured StatCounter not to use any cookies at all.  While this restricts the analytical information available to us, StatCounter still collects information, including the IP address, which we find very useful.  Because we are not using any cookie in the configuration, we do not require user consent to use this tool.

This website also uses a method of collecting and analysing website visitor statistics that just uses the existing session cookie that holds the session identifier, and no others. The resulting data, which contains no personal information, is stored on this website's server and not third party servers such as Google Analytics.  These statistics include visitor IP address and basic browser information such as screen size and browser type, along with a record of the pages visited on the site and the paths taken.   It helps us form the pages and content to suit regular visitors, deliver the content that the user is looking for and generally analyse how the website is used and how it performs.  We have no interest in site-to-site visitor tracking and the data is most definitely not shared with any other website or party. The technique currently uses the session identifier stored in the session cookie outlined above, but persistent cookies are not used.

For a comprehensive guide about cookies, including how to control and delete them, see aboutcookies.orgLink opens in a new window.

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